Our Process

At Keepers Makers we have developed a process to sort all the fabric we rescue so that we can make the best use of it in different projects. We have drawn a little diagram of how the fabric is sorted and what these different piles make. 

The fabric we rescue arrives to us as kind donations in bin bags. If it is larger pieces of fabric of good quality (so not thread bare or stained) we will block print designs on it for homeware. Small pieces of fabric that is good quality get saved and made into bags and scarves. Finally anything that is thread bare, bobbly or stained is cut into strips to make the plaited rugs. After all this chopping we are left with scraps of odd sizes which Jacquelyn uses in her artwork and our rag rugs. This is why we have quite an amazing variety of things that we make because we are using the fabric in the best way possible. We couldn't bare to cut up a lovely good quality piece of fabric into strips!! 

We will be bringing you more information about each of the making processes soon in a series of blog posts. The first one will be all about plaiting. Check back soon to find out how we do it and our plans to make a plaiting machine! 

Best wishes, Jackie and Georgie xx