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Our first blog post! So I am going to get straight in and explain that we love textiles and we hate seeing any of it go to waste! 

I am Georgie and I work with my mum Jacquelyn (both of us have just done a silly wave at the screen haha!). Jacquelyn has been altering clothes all her life and her enthusiasm for saving such an amazing resource has passed onto me. As a family it is not just textiles we save. Our craft cupboard as kids included the usual suspects of yoghurt pots but also up until very recently the foam pizza trays. If you draw an image in them (once cleaned!) then roll paint on them, got yourself your very own printing stamp! 

So that we can save all textiles in whatever form they arrive to us we have developed our own grading system.

We only use clothes that are unable to be repaired. Anything in good condition that you no longer want should be taken to your local charity shop. 

Once all the seams are cut away, larger pieces of fabric in good condition are block printed or screen printed on. We use these to make our lanterns, lampshades, scarves, shoppers and dog bandanas. 

Smaller pieces of fabric are squared off and sewn together for scarves, bags, throws and bunny angels. 

Any fabric that is bobbly or stained is cut into long strips and plaited into rugs and baskets. 

Finally the tiny scraps are used for Jacquelyn's textile artwork and rag rugs. 

Having a large variety of things we make means that we can recycle more fabric! Sure, it is not very instagram friendly to have so many different things we make. Yes it is a challenge to make all these different things on demand but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Buying from us (or any small business recycling textiles) is ecofriendly, ethical, handmade and unique! It also means you are voting with your money to say that gifts and homeware should be made using the fabric that already exists rather than using brand new fabric which uses more water, produces more CO2 and harms the environment. 

There is so much fabric that goes to landfill each day, the more of us there are using it before it is thrown away the better! Who is your textile hero? Do you have a favourite business or individual that is saving as much fabric from landfill as possible? Let us know because we love hearing who else is working at saving the planet!

Love Georgie and Jacquelyn

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